Gregory Hentzi’s artwork is a mix of Mother Nature and hand embossed lustrous copper. Each beautiful 3-dimensional design is a scene of animals in motion, a serene landscape or simply a close up of wheat and dragonflies. Greg’s work is inspired by nature’s beauty and he is pleased to offer you his gorgeous artwork to your home.

All of the scenes on the copper are drawn by me on a drawing table which is the same table that Henry W Longfellow used from 1936 to 1973. When the drawing is completed, I sign and date it.

After Greg finishes his designs, they are carefully coated with a clear lacquer protecting the copper from the natural aging process. To keep your Greg Henzti mailbox bright, add additional coats of clear lacquer every six months or so (available in spray cans available at any hardware store or auto-parts store). Should you choose to allow your mailbox to age naturally, you will see your design darken to a natural patina. Please note a green patina appears only after many, many years.